DIY Fundraisers

DIY Fundraisers


Throughout the year, dedicated individuals set up fundraisers. Some of these fundraisers include: bowling parties, concerts, salsa dancing parties, tennis tournaments, bake sales, walks, motorcycle rides... virtually any type of event where you can gather friends, family and community for a common goal—to support cancer research. 

Fundraising Tips to Get You Started

When you are soliciting donations or team members, remember what makes Gateway for Cancer Research unique:

  • 99¢ of every dollar Gateway receives goes directly to fund Phase I and Phase II clinical trials
  • Helping cancer patients feel better and live longer
  • Gateway invests in breakthrough research that is both targeted and precise
  • Patients have a voice

Harness the power of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Write a blog about your event or participation and include a link to Gateway and the cancer research you are funding.

Need more ideas or want to create your own event? Contact Jeremy Garber, DIY Fundraiser Coordinator, at, or call us at 847-342-6478 or download our DIY Fundraising Guide and Application.  

99 cents of every dollar received directly funds cancer clinical trials


Current Gateway-funded clinical trials


Clinical trials funded at leading institutions worldwide


Funds one patient for one day at a Gateway-funded clinical trial


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