Fund One Day

Fund One Day

Each clinical trial that Gateway funds - from breast cancer to lymphoma to colon cancer to brain cancer - has a different protocol and different funding levels.

Below is the grant amount per patient per day for the clinical trials that are funded by Gateway.
These trials are free to the patients who participate.


Average daily cost per patient of all clinical trials funded by Gateway
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Gateway Funded Cancer Clinical Trial Cost per Day per Patient
Blood Cancer - sixteen clinical trials (leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma quality of life and graft vs host) $13.18
Bone Cancer - one clinical trial $29.49
Brain Cancer - four clinical trials $38.05
Breast Cancer - nine clinical trials $ 9.24
Colon Cancer - three clinical trials $11.97
Esophageal Cancer - one clinical trial $12.49
Head and Neck Cancer - one clinical trial $ 3.51
Lung Cancer - five clinical trials  $19.17
Pancreatic Cancer - four clinical trials $9.87
Prostate Cancer - three clinical trial $13.21
Renal Cancer - one clinical trial  $74.66
Sarcoma - one clinical trial $  5.92
Skin Cancer / Melanoma - two clinical trial $30.78
Average daily cost per patient of all clinical trials funded by Gateway $16.56


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